• easy breakfast ready in 10 minutes!

    Easy breakfast ready in 10 minutes!

    You have no time for breakfast? Check out Oscar Kiwifruit easy and quick recipes, they only take 10 minutes or less!

  • Here comes Spring with Oscar Kiwi!

    Here comes Spring!

    Spring has finally arrived! Oscar Kiwi is very happy to share 2 recipes to fill your plate with vitamins!

  • Why focus on fibre?

    Why focus on fibre?

    Why should you focus your daily diet on fibre? Dietary fibre does actually a lot more than just benefit your intestines…

  • Kiwi Fruit & Potassium

    Kiwi Fruit & Potassium

    Kiwi fruit is a good source of potassium. But what does potassium do to your body? Let’s find out in this new article!

  • Kids Recipes with Oscar Kiwi

    Kids Recipes with Oscar Kiwi!

    Oscar Kiwi has delicious and quick recipes that you can make with your kids!


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