3 recipes to celebrate Spring with Oscar® Kiwi!

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3 recipes to celebrate Spring with Oscar® Kiwi!
Monday 22 April 2019

3 recipes to celebrate Spring with Oscar® Kiwi!

With the arrival of Spring, you might want to eat lighter and introduce more salad in your daily meals! Let’s celebrate the sunny days with some delicious salad recipes with Oscar® kiwi fruits…

Kiwi fruit salad with avocado and apple

A sweet and savory mix which is perfect for a fresh, light and nutritious starter!

For 4 people


3 Oscar® kiwi fruits

2 avocados

1 apple

150g mesclun green salad

For the sauce:

1 lime

2 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper

Peel the kiwi fruits, the avocados and the apple. Cut them into quarters.

In a salad bowl, add the fruits and veggie with the previously washed salad.

Prepare the dressing with the lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Keep in the fridge before serving.


Oscar® Semi-Cooked Tuna and Kiwi Salad

A complete and satisfying Buddha bowl for a healthy and balanced lunch!

For 4 people


600g fresh tuna fillet

130g of green salad

4 Oscar® kiwi fruits

130g of cherry tomatoes

1 tbsp of soya sauce

1 tbsp of sesame seeds

2 tbsp of olive oil

Salt and pepper


Peel the kiwi fruits (or keep the skin, previously washed) and cut into thin slices.

Wash the salad and the cherry tomatoes. Cut them in half.

Cut the tuna fillet into strips. Brush with soy sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Cook the tuna in a pan, 1 minute on each side, it has to remain tender.

Dress the plates or bowls: first the salad, then the tomatoes, tuna and the kiwi slices.

Add salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil.

Serve with rice for a complete meal.


Fruit salad with kiwi and passion fruits

This fruit salad is perfect to end a meal or to stock up on vitamins for breakfast.

For 4 people


8 Oscar® kiwi fruits

2 passion fruits

10 mint leaves

Peel the kiwi fruits, cut them into cubes, place them in dish.

Cut the passion fruits, add the pulp with the kiwi fruits.

Wash the mint leaves and chop finely.

Keep in the fridge before serving.

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