Boost your energy with Oscar® Kiwi in September!

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Boost your energy with Oscar® Kiwi in September!
Monday 09 September 2019

Boost your energy with Oscar® Kiwi in September!

Energy is the key to start the day off right! Vitamins and minerals will help you stay energized, so skipping breakfast is definitely not a good idea. Oscar® Kiwi gives you some tips to get a healthy routine.   

Summer holidays are over, it’s time to return to the classroom for the kids and to work for the parents! September is also the right time to get a new routine. A healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet – including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables – will provide your body with many vitamins and minerals that will make you feel energized. Of course, kiwi fruits have so many benefits that they should be part of your daily routine!

·      Oscar® Kiwi for breakfast

As you already know, skipping breakfast isn’t the best choice if you want to keep hunger at bay. That’s why your breakfast routine should contain certain ingredients such as fruits and cereals to keep you full of energy for longer. The great thing about kiwi fruits is that there is no end to the number of ways you can eat them! And we have many easy and quick recipes full of vitamins and good nutrients that you can try.

Granola and yogurt, smoothie or chia pudding, juice or jam, etc. You can also check our article dedicated to breakfast to get more ideas.

Oscar® Kiwi for lunch

If you struggle to find something healthy for lunch, the key is to anticipate so you don’t have to buy unhealthy takeaway meals. Bringing your lunch to work is a wise way to ensure you’re getting what you need. By eating right, you’ll also get enough energy for the whole afternoon.

If you’re running low on lunch box ideas, Oscar® Kiwi has plenty awesome recipes!


And many more in our Recipes section.

·      Afternoon snack with Oscar® Kiwi

Do you sometimes need an energy boost in the afternoon? If so, it’s better to get snacks that provide sustained energy, rather than heavily processed and sugary ones that give a boost… followed by a crash! Kiwi fruits offer a healthy and yummy snack alternative!

Are you ready to build new habits?!

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