Christmas and New Year’s Eve ideas with Oscar®!

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve ideas with Oscar®!
Thursday 12 December 2019

Christmas and New Year’s Eve ideas with Oscar®!

Christmas is fast approaching… Let’s celebrate the holidays and end the year in the best way with Oscar® Kiwi!  It’s now time to start thinking about your menu. We have many delicious ideas for you. 

Whether you’re the one preparing the entire meal or just need to bring a dish to a dinner, we’ve got plenty of Christmas and New Year’s Eve ideas for you to impress your family and friends!

When it comes to holidays menu, you obviously want to impress your guests and cook something yummy, gourmet and healthy at the same time. Christmas and NYE’s menus don’t necessarily need to be heavy and rich. Let’s try Oscar® Kiwi recipes, they’re super simple and an easy crowd pleaser. The great thing is that you’ll also get all the kiwi fruits benefits!

As you might already know, kiwi fruits are very rich in vitamins and minerals, but also in fiber. As big meals slow your digestion and foods spends more time being processed, remember that kiwi fruits can help digestion.

Holidays are busy, so to help you make the most of your time, we’ve got the best ideas and for you! They can be used for appetizers, lunch, dinner, snacks and of course desserts. Be warned, if you serve your guests one of these tasty recipes, they’ll be demanding to have it back next year!

–       Start your dinner with this tasty tartare:
Oscar® kiwi prawn and mango tartare

–       A super-delicious idea for the main course:
Prawn tempura with Oscar® Kiwi Chutney

–       If you’re looking for a nice tea time snack, check out this recipe:
Oscar® kiwi fruit and matcha tea truffles

–       You’ll love these amazing desserts:
Orange coconut and Oscar® Kiwi Mille-feuilles
Pavlova with cream and Oscar® kiwi mango duo

Don’t forget to share your recipes’ pictures on Facebook and Instagram! Please, use the hashtags #BeKiwiBeHappy and #OscarKiwi so we can share them!

Let the festivities begin! :)


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