2 Easy Summer Salads

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2 Easy Summer Salads
Monday 10 August 2020

2 Easy Summer Salads

These 2 easy summer salads recipes are the perfect hot weather meal. They have countless health benefits, are full of vitamins and great to stay in shape. Give them a try! 

When it’s too hot to turn the oven, cool food includes easy salads that are as refreshing as they are filling. They also offer an abundance of flavors.

♦ Green Salad with Oscar® Kiwi fruits

Nothing is more refreshing than a salad full of the best flavors the season has to offer. You can replace tofu with chicken or chickpeas, quinoa with rice…

For 2

2 Oscar® kiwi fruits
1 avocado
2-3 cups Baby spinach leaves
½ cucumber
1 small zucchini
200 g tofu
3 green tomatoes (or other)
Pumpkin seeds
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

– Cook the quinoa. Drain, then transfer to a bowl to cool slightly.
– Cube tofu and add to a pan with some olive oil. Cook until browned.
– Wash and cut the vegetables.
– Peel and cut the kiwi fruits.
– Once the quinoa has cooled, mix with the dressing and all the ingredients and season. Add some roasted pumpkin seeds.

♦ Summer Fruit Salad with Kiwi Fruits

This is the best summer fruit salad, perfect to get plenty of energy and vitamins!

For 2
2 Oscar® kiwi fruits
¼ watermelon
6 strawberries
1 orange
Spring of mint

– Peel and chop fruits, wash the blueberries and the strawberries.
– Add to a large mixing bowl.
– Keep in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours.
– Wash the mint leaves and chop finely before serving.

Many more recipes are available on our website!

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Stay safe and healthy ♥




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