Innovation for customer satisfaction

Kiwifruit is the 10th most purchased fruit. Now, the Hayward has lost its monopoly: not ONE, but many kiwifruit are there for the customer’s pleasure.

Because customers’ tastes and habits evolve, Primland supports research and development around new fruit varieties or new packaging formats. Kiwifruit are a niche market where the importance of investment in research and innovation corresponds to customer expectations.


Key innovations


Primland is the first French operator to work with green kiwifruit. Since 2003, when the first plantations were founded, Primland has become the first producer of Summerkiwis. Sweeter than their cousin, the Hayward, and particularly aromatic and juicy, it hits shelves from October to November.

The cultivation is very close to that of the Hayward, with a complete absence of phytosanitary treatment and rational management. In order to convince farmers, Primland highlights the low frost risk and the interest of spreading work times over a longer period between early kiwifruit and the Hayward.


Oscar® Gold


Primland goes the extra mile!


Primland has positioned itself as an innovative actor on the quality golden kiwifruit market with the Oscar® Gold concept. As large as the Hayward, it stands out for its elongated form, its smooth skin, and its golden flesh. Our demanding customers, especially children, appreciate the golden kiwifruit’s sweetness and slight tartness compared to the green kiwifruit. The Oscar® Gold must respond to numerous criteria:

  • Please customers
  • Be cultivated according to the principles of rational agriculture
  • Be profitable for the producer
  • High aptitude for refrigeration and transport

These criteria make it the object of a rigorous selection by Primland in terms of choosing the varieties that can be produced and marketed under the Oscar® Gold brand.


Development and innovation

The development strategy of these varieties relies on a detailed analysis of the terroir and a will to optimise their yield. For example, golden kiwifruit are reserved for terroirs where there is a minimal risk of frost. Summerkiwi supports riskier situations.

To develop our markets and create loyal customers, we rely on Sofruileg, which is affiliated with SCAAP Kiwifruits de France. Sofruileg strives for research and development. Their aim is to find new varieties and work closely with research centres. Thanks to this cooperation, we can provide our farmers with new project and make our partnerships long-lasting. Innovation is based on a number of criteria:

  • Technical innovation (selected orchards that are 100% under rational production)
  • Technological innovation (research of new packaging and storage procedures)
  • Marketing innovation (opening in new markets and launching new campaigns, such as “Be Kiwi, Be Happy”)
  • Innovation in varieties (Oscar® Gold, Summerkiwi, and Nergi®, the baby kiwi)

Innovation means investment and patience! 2 years are needed to produce plants and 3 years to harvest the first fruits.


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