International Day of Happiness: Be Kiwi, Be Happy!

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International Day of Happiness: Be Kiwi, Be Happy!
Monday 18 March 2019

International Day of Happiness: Be Kiwi, Be Happy!

March 20th celebrates the first day of Spring… But did you know this was also the International Day of Happiness? Obviously, Oscar® kiwi couldn’t ignore it! Find out more about this special day.

International Day of Happiness, what is it exactly?

Created by the United Nations in 2013, the International Day of Happiness invites all the UN member countries to celebrate this day. The adopted resolution recognizes happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and asks for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples”. In 2019, the main theme is “Happier Together” in order to focus more on what we all have in common instead of what divides us.

This year again, Oscar® Kiwi could not miss this opportunity to celebrate! We’ve asked a famous Instragram Food influencer –@Foodbites – to create a kiwi fruits picture on the theme “Be Kiwi, Be Happy!”. We are pleased to present her amazing work! Do you like it as much as we do?

Happiness in your plate?

Try to find happiness in through the small things in life as they really can make a difference. Find out what you enjoy most in your everyday routine. This can of course include food: treat yourself with good and balanced meals, your body and mind will thank you… A study* has shown that eating more fruits and vegetables may have an influence on your level of happiness. It means Oscar® kiwi fruits could be a big help too!

You should have a look at the many easy and tasty recipes on our website. They will definitely put a smile on your face! Whether you prefer a salad or a snack, you’ll find the one that will make you happy.

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 *Australian Study: Evolution of Well-Being and Happiness After Increases in Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables.

Picture © @Foodbites



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