Kiwifruit: the superfood!

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Kiwifruit: the superfood!
Tuesday 19 January 2021

Kiwifruit: the superfood!

Kiwifruit is a real superfood! It is packed with nutrients and vitamins and has so many health benefits… Find out more in our article. 

→ Fight tiredness with the energy of kiwifruits!
Packed with vitamin C and many nutrients, kiwifruits can provide an extra boost on your immune system. Everyone should eat at least one or two kiwis every morning to get all the vitamin C needed from your daily diet!
Vitamin C: 81,9 mg for 100g

→ Kiwifruits also have a lot of antioxidants
Rich in vitamin E, it can have a very positive effect on your health and help prevent some diseases (cancers, cardiovascular disease). Vitamin E also helps keep your cells healthy by preventing damage from free radicals.
Vitamin E: 0,96 mg for 100g 

→ Kiwifruits to aid digestion
Kiwifruits contain high amounts of dietary fiber which is  which is important for preventing constipation naturally.
Fiber: 3,5 g for 100 g

→ Kiwifruit is good source of potassium
Potassium ensures muscle tissue growth, it can also help reduce muscle soreness that results from training.
Potassium: 290 mg for 100g

Some studies also show that eating kiwis can help with transitioning into sleep and increases quality of sleep.

You now know why you should be eating more kiwifruits! #BeKiwiBeHappy :)


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