Oscar® kiwi, a little kiwifruit all grown up


For 35 years, the Oscar® brand has been recognized in more than 35 countries.
History was made in 1980 when two pioneers, Guy Polecot and François Lafitte, kiwifruit farmers in south-western France, created the Oscar® brand.
At that time, they were 30 farmers harvesting 100 tonnes, and total sales were around €200,000. All of the production was sent to Germany, which was the only European country where the little green fruit was known.
In 1982, kiwifruit took off in France. The SCAAP Kiwifruits de France co-operative was created, allowing kiwifruit production to spread and new markets to be opened. SCAAP has developed a chain of service that is organized around 3 main links: farmers, packaging stations, and commercial activity. Since then, production has not stopped growing.


Oscar® kiwis around the world


The Oscar kiwi’s fame around the world is due to its quality. Traceability was also quickly guaranteed by the implementation of a Product Conformity Certificate for the Oscar® kiwi. Since then, this little green fruit from the middle of nowhere has become a giant of France’s south-western agricultural production.
Kiwifruit has gone international! The Oscar® kiwi reached the Spanish (1987) and Canadian markets (1990), while its entry into Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore (1993) make the Oscar® the first European kiwifruit to be sold in Asia. Later, it reached the Americas, with 1998 launches in Brazil, the USA, and Argentina. In 2009, Oscar® kiwi received India and China’s approval, and then South Korea’s in 2013. Currently, Primland is working with French authorities for an entry into the Japanese market.
Today, Oscar® represents more than 20,000 tonnes of kiwifruit sold each year around the world, and more than 350 farmers engaged in a co-operative approach.


Oscar® Kiwi gets a new look


In 2015, in order to stand out in the marketplace and on the grocery store shelves, Oscar® has created a new identity, a new look. Its logo and packaging has been modernised in tandem with its new slogan: “Be Kiwi, Be Happy” From the farmer to the customer via our clients, Oscar® kiwi seeks to bring happiness to all who cross its path. The new logo takes into account the farm origins and the cooperative approach of the company.
The colour markings are retained, since red is a synonym for happiness in Asia, a market where the company is rapidly expanding. The new boxes are available depending on the fruit’s origin and market. For example, in Chile, the “Oscar® Chile” packaging integrates the new Oscar® map graphic.
Piled up, the new boxes form a smile.
Oscar®: the kiwifruit that spreads joy and will put a smile on your face!

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