Oscar® Kiwi ready for a new season

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Oscar® Kiwi ready for a new season
Tuesday 23 October 2018

Oscar® Kiwi ready for a new season

Just be a little patient, the new Oscar Kiwi season is approaching! Only a few weeks and our delicious kiwi fruits will be ready to reach the stores… and your plates. The Oscar kiwi team is working hard to offer you the best quality fruits, cultivated with respect for nature in France.

Kiwis cultivated in the South of France

Oscar kiwi and South West of France is a long-lasting story! For more than 30 years now, our orchards have flourished in a preserved environment adapted to kiwi fruit cultivation: fertile soils and an ocean climate are some of the secrets to get the best quality fruit…

“The soils and a mild, humid climate are the reason why Oscar kiwi fruits are worldwide known for their high quality”, says François Lafitte, a kiwi fruit producer. “The taste of the kiwis is defined by the very favorable soils and the oceanic climate. This is part of our fruits’ richness, they grow harmoniously. Let’s not forget the producers hard work. If our fruits are so good and tasty, it means that behind the scene, there are men who have done their job very well… “

As the new season is about to begin, the fruits are hand picked from October to November. We can not wait, taste them!


Kiwi fruits cultivated in sustainable agriculture

Our orchards are 100% sustainably produced. What does it mean concretely? The Oscar kiwi fruits’ producers do not use fungicide or insecticide treatment and the amount of water brought to the orchards is also scrupulously controlled.

“We have a very strict production discipline in order to comply with all specifications and to practise 100% sustainable farming in the orchards. Oscar Kiwi is famous all over the world for its quality, and that’s the reason why!” says François Lafitte.

We’re very concerned to guarantee a high quality standard and respect the environmental commitment in order to offer you the best kiwi fruits!


Kiwi fruits health benefits

While the new season is approaching (November to May), it is also the right time to enjoy the benefits of kiwi fruits. As winter is coming – and the viruses as well – filling up with vitamins and minerals should help you to stay in good shape this season. As soon as you feel a little bit down and tired, think about their benefits! For a breakfast full of vitamins, a healthy and balanced snack, a sweet dessert or a smoothie break… Every occasion is the right one to stock up on vitamins – especially vitamin C – and feel full of energy! #BeKiwiBeHappy ☺

To enjoy kiwi fruits in different ways and not only with a spoon, we have plenty of recipes to share. So have a look now at our section Recipes and let us know on social media which one you’ve tried and the one you prefered!



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