September: top tips to be in great shape with Oscar® Kiwi!

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September: top tips to be in great shape with Oscar® Kiwi!
Tuesday 28 August 2018

September: top tips to be in great shape with Oscar® Kiwi!

Do you want to extend the benefits of summer and feel great through Septembre? Adopting new habits could be the answer. Follow Oscar kiwi tips!

To start your day off right, having a breakfast full of vitamins is the key. If you’re used to skip this meal, you definitely have to change your habits. And please, do not make any excuses such as “I do not have time to eat in the morning”! Try to get everything ready in the evening just before you go to bed, you will see that it will make your life much easier: set the table, take out the food you are going to eat, etc. This is called anticipation!

Breakfast is the meal that will bring you enough energy to keep pace. The kiwi benefits are great, especially in the morning. It will help you to strengthen your immune system, be in good shape and keep small viruses at bay thanks to its high content of vitamin C. One kiwifruit actually contains almost twice as much vitamin C as an orange!

Need some ideas?

– A chia pudding: can be made the day before, just add a sliced kiwifruit on top in the morning.

– A smoothie kiwi, banana and spinach: a few seconds in the blender and voila!

– A bowl of homemade muesli with vegetable milk and a kiwi fruit cut on top.

Read our article 3 kiwi-based recipes for breakfast.

By doing something good for your body, by eating healthy and delicious fruit full of vitamins and minerals, you’ll stay in good shape.

Summer is not over yet so take the opportunity to try new recipes. You will be surprised to see that kiwifruit can be eaten whole, of course, but also added in many different dishes: topped on pancakes, in a salad, on toasts, in small verrines, etc.

Check our Recipes section to discover new flavors with Oscar kiwi.

You may have enjoyed the summer to practise a lot of different sports and activities, so keep going! Moving will not only allow you to keep fit, it will also help to reduce stress and bring many mental benefits. Practising sports naturally stimulates the production of endorphins, also known as the hormones of happiness. They’re released by your body when you exercise.

And if you feel a little down after your workout, have a kiwifruit to get some energy! High in minerals, vitamins and also in potassium which acts on muscles and joints. It will help you recover faster.

To learn more, read our article: Kiwi, the fruit for athletes.

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