Stay hydrated this Summer with Oscar® Kiwi

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Stay hydrated this Summer with Oscar® Kiwi
Monday 06 July 2020

Stay hydrated this Summer with Oscar® Kiwi

Staying hydrated in the heat of summer can be a little challenging. As we lose some fluid through our skin in the form of sweat, water is needed for overall good health. Here are some tips and recipes to be safe and stay hydrated! 

Summer has begun and temperatures are rising. Even though it’s great to enjoy the lovely hot weather, staying hydrated is essential. As the body of an adult is about 60% of water, it depends on water to survive. Regular hydration will help you avoid heat stroke and other heat-related illness. That’s why hydration matters so much.

How to stay hydrated?

Obviously, different people need different amounts of water. The amount of fluid you need depends on many things including the weather, your physical activity and also your age. If you find it difficult to drink water through the day, here are some tips that can help:

♦ Water can be found in fruits and vegetables. Great news as kiwi fruits contain more than 80% of water! They’re a great choice. You can eat them together with cucumber, tomatoes or strawberries which are also very high in water. The following recipes are perfect:

Salad kiwi and strawberries

Green Buddha bowl

♦ You should drink some water before you feel thirsty. Protect from the sun and always carry with you a reusable water bottle during the day. Water is best. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try adding some kiwi fruits slices, lemon or lime and some fresh mint leaves.

→ Kiwi Fruits and Mint Water

♦ Our homemade ice cream and sorbet recipes are comforting but also great to help you stay hydrated.

Watermelon and kiwi ice cream

Kiwi sorbet

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