2 Super Fresh Recipes with Oscar Kiwi

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2 Super Fresh Recipes with Oscar Kiwi
Tuesday 08 June 2021

2 Super Fresh Recipes with Oscar Kiwi

When the sun is out, we’re usually looking for super fresh recipes! Enjoy these 2 Oscar Kiwi new ideas…

♦ Fresh Oscar Kiwi Granita

This granita is really best enjoyed during the summer months. It’s a delicious frozen iced dessert made from fresh kiwi fruits and water.

Preparation 10mn
Freezer: 4h
For 2

8 Oscar kiwis
1 lemon juice
40 g sugar (depending on how you like it)

– Peel the fruits, blend them with lemon juice and sugar.
– Freeze the purée in a shallow pan for 4 hours.
– Scrape the granita with a fork every hour and freeze again.
– One hour before serving, use a fork to scrape the mixture into crystals.
– Spoon into serving bowls or glasses and serve immediately.

♦ Oscar Kiwi carpaccio with honey

Here is a simple, fresh and extremely quick to do recipe.

Preparation 15mn
For 2

5 Oscar kiwis
½ lemon juice
1 tbsp honey
Some fresh mint

– Place the kiwi fruits in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
– Remove the skin and cut the fruits in very thin slices.
– Arrange on a platter.
– In a bowl, pour the lemon juice and honey, stir together then drizzle over the kiwi fruits.
– Chop some fresh mint before serving.

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