How to deal with food cravings?

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How to deal with food cravings?
Tuesday 20 April 2021

How to deal with food cravings?

Do you wonder how to deal with food cravings? Did you know that they can be caused by a variety of physical or emotional needs? Check out our tips to beat them.   

Well-balanced meals

If you’re not eating enough, especially during the first part of the day, you may notice increased cravings for sugar later in the day. Ask yourself if you’re eating enough: if you want to have a light lunch, you may feel hungry after eating due to a lack of protein or fibre in your diet, for instance, or it could also be that you’re not eating enough. Read more in this article.
Mindful eating is also a great way to be aware of the full mind and body experience you have while eating.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very important to get enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients, they’re also rich in water and fibre. Choosing foods with fibre also makes us feel fuller. Kiwi fruits have plenty of fibre, they’re great for breakfast or a healthy snack: they’re also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Try to let the thoughts pass

Ask yourself before eating: “am I really hungry or is it only temporary?” Try to distract yourself with thoughts about other things besides food. Take a walk, stand up and stretch… Drinking enough water might also help lower cravings.

It appears that physical activity and appetite are deeply interrelated. Working out has many benefits for health, increasing your exercise throughout the day to minimize food thoughts may be worth trying.

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