Ideas for a healthy and tasty snack

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Ideas for a healthy and tasty snack
Tuesday 08 November 2022

Ideas for a healthy and tasty snack

Allow yourself a healthy and tasty snack in the afternoon! Oscar shares 4 vitamin-packed ideas with you.

Perhaps you sometimes feel a little under the weather in the middle of the afternoon? To regain your energy back until dinner, give yourself a healthy snack break that will bring you many benefits. We’re talking about a real snack!

A healthy, balanced snack will provide you with the vitamins and nutrients you need to avoid fatigue, you’ll also be more focused at work. So you can finish the day in great shape and make it to dinner!

Here are some easy recipe ideas with Oscar Kiwi:

Oscar Kiwi and apple purée

Kiwi and banana smoothie

Oscar Kiwi toasts with red berries

oscar Kiwi fruits slices with fresh goat cheese

Eating 1 plain kiwifruit  is also a very good alternative. We give you our tips on how to enjoy it here.

What is your favourite break during the day?

Find lots of easy and delicious ideas on the Oscar Kiwi website.

Be Kiwi, Be Happy :)


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