Kiwi fruits and digestion

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Kiwi fruits and digestion
Monday 11 March 2019

Kiwi fruits and digestion

Do you have digestion issues? Are you sometimes feeling a little bloated after a meal? Maybe you should grab a kiwi fruit! It has plenty of fiber and also contains an enzyme aiding digestion. 

Did you know that kiwi fruits contain an enzyme called actidin that aids the digestion of proteins, particularly meat, fish and dairy? A scientific study* has confirmed that eating kiwi fruits could aid people with poor digestion, especially after consuming a heavy meal with lots of proteins. If these proteins are not digested properly, it can lead to digestion problems such as bloating.

It’s also true that some foods take longer and are harder to digest than others. So to answer the question whether kiwi fruits are good for digestion, it is definitely yes! You now know what to do: eat 1 or 2 Oscar® kiwis at the end of a heavy meal high in proteins for a faster digestion. It will help reducing the feeling of overfullness and gastric discomfort.

Kiwi fruits already have an impressive reputation with many health benefits. As well as aiding digestion, they can also improve constipation issues: one cause of constipation is that people do not eat enough fiber. As fiber has a natural laxative effect on the digestive system, eating kiwi fruits daily can be very helpful. Good news, kiwi fruits are very high in fiber: a single fruit contains 3.5 / 100 g**.  You can enjoy kiwi fruits by simply peeling the skin or with a spoon, but you should try other delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner (salad, cookies, cheesecake, etc). Have a look at our Recipe section on our website and let us know on Facebook or Instagram what you think! If you’re more into videos, check our YouTube channel for the step by step recipes.J

* Source: Influence of kiwifruit on protein digestion.

** ANSES :French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.



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