Morning routine: why it’s important

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Morning routine: why it’s important
Monday 20 November 2023

Morning routine: why it’s important

Why is adopting a morning routine important? Adopting good habits to start the day will help you to be more productive. Check out instructions for a successful routine with Oscar Kiwifruit!

Morning routine is becoming increasingly popular. The aim is to reproduce the same rituals every day in order to create healthier habits that will help us to work on ourselves, be fitter, more efficient, more fulfilled, free up time for ourselves, etc.

Popularised by Had Elrod’s book Miracle Morning, this concept offers many benefits. Here are a few tips and ideas for establishing your own morning routine, making the necessary adjustments according to your desires and needs.

What you can do:

– Get up 15/20 minutes earlier than usual to take your time
– Hydrate with a large glass of water
– Do some gentle stretching, yoga, meditation, etc.
– Read and/or write
– Take the time to prepare a vitamin-packed, home-cooked breakfast to recharge your batteries

What to avoid when you get out of bed:

– Checking your phone, emails, social media and the news.

You don’t have to do anything extraordinary, but do it consciously, taking your time: you’ll see that it will soon become essential! If you take these 15/20 minutes a day to do yourself some good, that’s about 2 hours a week that you can give yourself. Imagine that over the course of a year… :)

Do you have a morning routine?

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