What about a kiwi detox?

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What about a kiwi detox?
Wednesday 17 January 2018

What about a kiwi detox?

The end-of-year-party seems already far away, yet your body probably needs a little attention to recover from any excesses … Some kiwi-based detox recipes are probably the right way to start the year and keep your good resolution.

A detox, what for?

After the end-of-year-party, your digestive system may be a little tired. You might have had too much sugar, your lifestyle might not be the best at the moment, you might feel a little stressed … That’s why a short detox cure seems recommended * to make a break and purify your body. The aim is not to lose weight, but to reboost your body and eliminate accumulated toxins.

Detox ideas based on Oscar kiwi

The kiwi is such a great fruit to start a detox! Low in calorie, rich in vitamins C and B9, it is also a very good source of trace elements. Evrything you need to start this new year in great shape!

Here are some ideas to give your body a break, while enjoying delicious kiwis and energizing yourself. So, ready to test?

Kiwi, lemon and mint detox water

For 1 liter

This detox water is thirst-quenching and rich in vitamin C.

– Take 1 liter of still or sparkling water and pour it into a carafe

– Cut out a few slices of our delicious Oscar kiwis, some organic lemon and fresh mint leaves

– Infuse 1 hour in the refrigerator

– Enjoy throughout the day

Kiwi, banana and spinach smoothie

For 2

An anti-toxin smoothie to start the day full of energy!

– Remove the skin of 2 Oscar kiwis and cut them in slices

– Peel 1 banana and cut it into small pieces

– Wash 2 handfuls of spinach baby leaves

– Add 20 cl of skimmed milk or vegetable drink

– Blend all ingredients in a blender until it is smooth

– Pour in a glass and enjoy

To learn more, discover here our different varieties of kiwis.

If you feel like it, do not hesitate to share your kiwi recipes with #kiwifans on social networks. Do not forget to mention our famous #BeKiwiBeHappy ☺

* If any doubt, ask your doctor.

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