Whole fruit or fruit juice?

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Whole fruit or fruit juice?
Monday 21 December 2020

Whole fruit or fruit juice?

Is fruit juice healthier than whole fruit? You may think that since fruit juice comes straight from the fruit, they must be nutritionally equivalent. That’s not true!  

→ Fresh fruits

Eating fresh fruits is better than drinking fruit juice. First, fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, they’re also high in fiber. This can have significant benefits for digestion and satiety. Chewing is also very important, it brings various benefits such as making food more tasty and helping with digestion and absorption.

→ Fresh fruit juices

Yes, we’re talking about freshly squeezed juices! You have to consume the juice quickly after it is squeezed. Juices extracted from fruits and vegetables will contain concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients. It is best to drink your juice right away because some vitamins, antioxidant and enzyme activity decreases over time…

→ Store-bought juices

When shopping for fruit juice, only buy products marked “100-percent fruit juice” with no added sugar. Most nutrients in store-bought juices are lost during the pasteurization and additional artificial preservatives are added to make the juices last longer. While 100% juice is healthier, it should be consumed in moderation…

It is highly recommended to eat fruit directly, it is definitely better for you than drinking store-bought juice. You can also make your own fruit juice but don’t forget to drink it quickly!

It’s kiwi season, enjoy the taste and get all the health benefits! #BeKiwiBeHappy :)


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