Why focus on fibre?

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Why focus on fibre?
Monday 08 March 2021

Why focus on fibre?

Why should you focus your daily diet on fibre? Dietary fibre does actually a lot more than just benefit your intestines…

The best way to get fibre in your diet is from foods naturally rich in fibre – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts… It has many health benefits.

Reasons to focus on fibre

– It helps digestion and helps prevent constipation.  If you have digestive problems, it will keep your digestivesystem running smoothly.

– The viscosity and bulking properties of dietary fibre are predominantly responsible for influencing satiety. A good way to avoid eating between meals!

– Some researches found that consumption of foodsrich in fibre decreased the frequency of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer.

Unfortunately, we don’t get enough fibre. The recommendation for generally healthful adults is to consume 25 to 45 grams each day. Good news, kiwi fruits contain 2,4/100 grams.

Check out our delicious recipes, they’re easy and perfect if you want to add more fibre to your daily diet.

Be Kiwi, He Happy :)

*World Health Organization (WHO) 


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