Why you should eat colorful foods

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Why you should eat colorful foods
Monday 10 May 2021

Why you should eat colorful foods

You may wonder why you should eat colorful foods… Because they’re generally fruits and vegetables which contain an abundance of health benefits to the entire body.   

More color = more nutrients

It’s actually a very simple rule to apply to your daily diet: the more colorful the food on your plate, the more nutrients! Colorful foods are mostly fruits and vegetables, they’re packed with vitamins and antioxidants we need. These colorful benefits will give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly and keep you feeling great. They will also strengthen your immune system.

Bring warmth and comfort to the plate

Colorful plates of food are more appealing. Just try it, you’ll feel invigorated and energized just looking at brightly colored meals! Not to mention all the health benefits… Choose foods that are in season to maximize nutritional flavor and value. If you have kids, try to put the colors of the rainbow on their plate, it’s one of the simplest and prettiest ways to enrich and enliven their diet! They’ll love it…

Oscar Kiwifruit has many delicious and colorful recipes you can try:

Spinach, feta and Oscar Kiwi salad
Fruit Salad
Oscar Kiwifruit toasts with red berries
Acai Bowl with Oscar Kiwifruit

Get more recipes on our website.

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